Server status as of Friday, 1-25-08

The issues with the server continue, but hopefully not for much longer.

We know it is extremely frustrating for you to put up with the slowness, “squirrels”, etc.   Jeric never lets up in his effort to keep all the sites and streams running.

A major work session is planned for the week-end.  Your continued support for him and the stations is truly appreciated.



3 Responses to “Server status as of Friday, 1-25-08”

  1. SiriusCreations Says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I wish the crew very good luck, and will enjoy the streams.

  2. BP Says:

    Thanks for the update, 2! Hope we’re back to normal soon.

  3. Pesa Says:

    Thank you, 24seven staff.
    I reinforce my disposition to help on anything i can do. Tests, checkings, observations, or any task that can help you JERIC & Admins.
    I’ll be online as long as possible.

    Btw and although I guess you guys know what is happening already, I will leave two observations of mine about site behaviour:
    1) It’s clear to me (as user) that there are timing differences between acess site via and (for example). I would say that in the case of DFM the access with ‘www’ seems to be more consistent than without it.;
    2) Further, when the access is done without ‘www’, it’s remarkable the time that it spends in the url … ‘rip_req_timer.php’, much greater than when the acces is made with ‘www’. Notice that this url (without ‘www’) is the same regardless then access done with or without ‘www’. Notwithstanding, observe that the lesser time is when the access is done with ‘www’ (against the without ‘www’ url of rip_req_timer).

    As usual, pesa writes too much -razz-


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