Stations down nov. 7th

Update @ 19:00 EST (USA) – Our service provider was down again but it is back now.

As a separate issue, there may be temporary outages during the weekend when JERIC & crew are working on our servers.


Service provider fixed its problems. The sites are back to normality.


There is a problem with our provider. Currently all the stations are unreachable. We try to fix this problem as soon as possible, but it is out of our hands at the moment.



3 Responses to “Stations down nov. 7th”

  1. Wolf-Wench Says:

    11:15 E.S.T. – site is back up!! Thanks to our great team of behind the scenes peeps!

  2. j2brown Says:

    I’m playing with a backup chat server here:

    It’s very “old school” and I have no idea how stable it is.
    And it requires connections to ports 8080 and 7777, so your
    work firewall might block it.

    You get what you pay for.

  3. Alchemist Says:

    j2brown set up a chat backup server, you just have to follow

    Please note it might not work in a corporate/firewalled environment.

    Thanks j2!

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